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Below are some of the ventures I’m directly involved in.


Industry: Apparel and Accessories

Vallett started as a company when my friends and I launched a Kickstarter campaign to test our idea for a men’s exotic wallet. The campaign was a success and today Vallett is a full blown company.

Currently I’m a partner and operations manager at Vallett. My job is to make sure everything is running smoothly and efficiently.


Industry: Fulfillment & Shipping SaaS

Even though still in prelaunch, Shyply already has thousands of customers waiting for us to launch!

Shyply will solve the problem of high shipping costs in addition to managing all orders for online retailers. Retailers can ship and manage their orders from one location, with zero hassle.


Industry: Food & Fashion Blog

My sister Vee is an amazing cook. I know, because I experienced her cooking talents first hand! The idea for a blog was born when Vee decided to share her knowledge of food with the world.

I designed, built , and currently manage the blog for Vee. You could say I’m the tech behind the talent.

Logistics Consulting Firm

Industry: Business Consulting/Freight Bokering

When I was just starting out, I had a small eBay business. But I ran into a very big problem. Shipping costs. I had a good product. Customers were ready to buy my products, but due to the large nature of the product, shipping costs were astronomically high. Customers couldn’t pay that much for shipping.

I started researching then negotiating, researching and negotiating some more, until I got the best shipping prices one could get. Getting good shipping prices was very tough, that is why I started a company to help other businesses get affordable shipping prices.

Are you a talented developer, designer, copywriter, or marketer?

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